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Welcome To Hi-Pixel Communications, experts in database services.

Whether you are looking for an ongoing supply of leads for your business or need access to marketing databases and contact lists, We are here to help!

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Our various lead generation campaigns and strategies comprise mainly of SMS, email, AVM, social media, online and call centre campaigns. We provide Hot Leads (consumers who have expressed interest in a product or service), as well Verified Leads (consumers we have contacted to establish if they meet your criteria)..


Locate your clients and receive the accurate contact details. We provide tracing and collection services through desktop, online and physical tracing, and the use of our in-house call centre


We have partnered with SA's most experienced direct call centres. Talk to us about delivering a full turnkey marketing and sales solution for your client acquisition strategies.


From marketing to political campaigning, broadcast messages, debt collection or payment reminders, our bulk SMS platform will enable you to reach, cost effectively, a large number of recipients in a single, fast distribution.

Offered Services


Whether it's to your own list or to one we provide for you, the extensive use of cellular and mobile phones by South Africans makes our bulk SMS platforms an effective, and convenient way to reach consumers for marketing purposes, including messaging and debt collection


In the consumer and B2B marketing arenas, few media have the power to create sales and generate leads in the way that bulk email marketing does. From events to training and B2B professional services, our bulk email marketing platform will help you generate sales and fill seats!


From B2B commercial marketing lists to consumer contact platforms, and even warm sales leads, and a solution that will enable you to reach almost any target market, at any LSM level, to ensure the maximum response for your marketing campaign


Luckily we are in partnership with field marketing companies, and have cracked a team of field marketing agents that can help you gather the data you need, quickly and efficiently.

AVM Campaigns

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Ever come across this type of message after answering your phone? This is known as an Automated Voice Message or AVM for short. An AVM is a professionally recorded, 10-45 second automatic voice message which is activated when your targeted recipient answers their phone thats what makes it so unique. The great thing about AVM as a marketing medium is that it enables you to reach a large number of recipients in an instant.

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